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SSI-4 Plus 4 - entrées


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Description du produit

The SSI-4 PLUS will allow the capture of data from 4 external sensors. These sensors can be frequencies such as engine RPM and speed sensors or 0-5V references like MAP sensors and pressure transducers. The SSI-4 PLUS may be used as a stand-alone system or integrated with other Innovate Motorsports MTS products to create a log chain.

″ Simple sensor device that adds 4-inputs to an MTS Log Chain
″ Channel 1 and 2 inputs can be configured for RPM, Speed (VSS), Frequency, and 0-5 volt. In addition to the above, the channel 2 input can be used for duty cycle or dwell.
″ Channel 3 and 4 inputs can be used for 0-5 volt
″ 5 volt output to power external sensors

The SSI-4 is also a key component of Innovate Motorsports' Modular Tuning System (MTS). Using the SSI-4 PLUS's serial ports you can daisy-chain other Innovate devices such as the MTX-L, LM-2, LC-2, TC-4 PLUS, and . To see examples of diffrent MTS configurations

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